Block training vs. Variability, Guess the Winner?
Learning how to move, doesn't work well in blocks, it needs variability. Think of the time when we first learn how to stand up, then walk (or run😂) and we fall. Often. Then it's getting up again and off we go. This is very obvious to us, but then we take it to the self-defense training and we start training the movement piece by piece. Why? Because of the tradition of course. Well, if the tradition isn't helping you to learn, stop doing it and try something new. So try this!
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Training for the reality needs the studying of reality to actually work. Getting good at dealing with stressful situations requires to train under stress. Learning to deal with the problems at hand requires practicing, defining and refining the movement and training, adapting those movements to the changing situation. This is the fact in every aspect of life. In self-defense it makes all the difference.
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