What is Skill Accelerator Training Method?

What is Skill Accelerator?

The Skill Accelerator training method was developed by Master Coach Tommi Nystrom. It is based on ecological dynamics and implements the constraints-led approach to the “zero distance solutions” environment.

Whether our target is to train military, police security personnel and other “tactical athletes” or we are just trying to help “everyone walk in peace” (Imi Lichtenfeld, founder of Krav Maga), we must understand “the game” they are preparing for.

The difference between learning a movement and creating that action capacity and then turning it into skill by delivering the movement in “the game” can be huge. And if one is training in traditional form, it will take years. With the skill accelerator, we take all the elements of “the game” along and even when we are training on our own, visualize the game.

That is the difference and it is a BIG difference indeed!