About Us

Tommi Nyström

Head Coach, Krav Maga Finland

Tommi Nystrom, 5. Dan Krav Maga, Master Award (International Martial Arts Hall Of Fame London) has over 30 years of experience from self-defense, use of force and hand-to-hand combat as well as from teaching and helping people to learn fast.

During the years he has developed new training methods such as “AA – Active Attacker”, “M&F – move & fire” etc. to help to understand the how to train better and cope with life threatening situations and use the natural reactions as weapons regardless of the situation.

As a professionally qualified teacher and coach, licensed use of force instructor and former Finnish Defence Forces warrant officer, he can get you from 0 to optimal in a very fast pace.

Krav Maga

My History

I’ve been training self defense in various forms since 1991. Since 1996 the backbone of my training has been Krav Maga. I got introduced to krav maga while I was serving in the Finnish Defence Forces. The philosophy and principles really got me, and this is the road I’ve been on ever since.

Working in the military was one thing, but the real need for physical use of force for me came when working in the private security. This was quite natural “testing ground” for human reactions and applications of self-defense and use of force techniques. Once your job is to observe and intervene, remembering the rules of engagement, aka. The Law, you’ll get good at de-escalating, reading the interpersonal communication and naturally, what works and what not. The key take away, of course, is to analyze why something works or doesn’t. That’s what makes krav maga different from many other self-defense or use of force systems: it evolves.

Road to kravmagacoach.com

“How great it would be to have a system that shows you automatically whether your technique is on track or not!?” – This is the thought I’ve had for almost 20 years and it came to me when I was preparing for my krav maga black belt (expert) test in 2002. Well, today it is reality.

I’ve always been keen on learning and developing new methods on how to learn quicker and better. Remembering my early steps in training, I was working out on my own a lot and not always remembering the most important parts of the techniques. So, I did a lot of re-learning… Had I then had something like kravmagacoach.com is today, embedded with high-tech algorithm to give me feedback, man how much quicker I would have learned!