Block training vs. Variability, Guess the Winner?

Block training vs. Variability, Guess the winner?

In self-defense training, the traditional way is to train the correct form and "technique" and make repetitions after repetitions. 

For example training against a cross, a straight punch coming towards your face, done from a distance so great that you should actually be able to slip and punch (or kick) instead of doing a hand defense.
This is then the reality for you.
Unfortunately the global video library called YouTube proves otherwise. 

In the ecological dynamics approach, we variate the distances, method of the attack (jabs, crosses, straight kick, stab with the knife, stick etc.) and focus on solving the problem: the attacker's will to hurt you, not just the first appearance of the problem.

"Okay, okay, but how do you learn how to make the hand defense??!!!" 

Well, you already have it... your hand will come to defend the attack away automatically.

It's the "airbag" (Kudos to Coach Tony Blauer for the metaphor here) system that is built biologically to our brain. How to optimize it, is the valid question.

The hand defense optimization training needs to be done from such close distances that there is the only option to use, unless you want to get hit.

This is a task constraint we build to optimize the hand defense and with the active attacker method (attacker continuing his/her action with the next attack) we keep the movement in the process as well. 


It might be in the beginning. But once you start doing random sequencing and create variability in the the training, you will never go back to the block training again.

That is of course if you want to develop your skills.

Block-type of training will give you the satisfaction that you succeed everytime but that's the same thing as an athlete would be happy to stay at his/her current level and never get better. 

Want to learn the system?

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Optimizing movement

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So who's the winner?

Recent studies shows that the variability and ecological dynamics is the winner in skill acquisition. My personal goal is to help everyone learn at least 10-times faster and develop self-defense skills that will save them and their close ones, should that ever be needed and have a fun, fulfilling experience in doing so!


Train Smart!

Coach Tommi Nystrom

Krav Maga 5. Dan,

Head Coach, Krav Maga Finland


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