Online resources in Self Defense Training - Threat or Possibility?

Faster horses or new technology?

In this blog I share my thoughts about using online resources added with instant feedback and neural network AI.

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Learning something new and taking new tools to use is scary. Just like 120 years ago it was scary to  start using automobiles instead of horse carriages. In traditional and conservative activities like self defense, doing something new and different often gets us to move to a turtle-like defense.

Are we up to develop or not? – Author, Tommi Nystrom,
Head Coach,,

Simple but not easy.. actually quite easy

I’ve always been a very hands-on type of a person.

If you’d asked me 10 years ago about online resources in training, I would have said ”not for me”.

Although already then we were sharing videos and DVD’s on skill-training exercises aka “techniques”.

So what was my fear?

I guess I was afraid of the idea of getting grading or belts or sort without being in physical contact.

That’s totally different thing!

If you want a black belt, go to a store and get one!

I still decline that option, but having online resources to help me get get better at what I do is spot on!

During the years I found myself thinking a lot that how great it would be to have technology that would allow my coaches to monitor and help me get things right even though we wouldn’t be able to meet in person but only a few times a year.

As technology developed and it became easier to share videos and get feedback in forms of videos as well, I learned  how to use those in my own training better.

But still it was slow.

Coaches were tied to their other duties and feedback was delayed.

Anyway, that was what we had then and as I got some instructing done via videos myself, it made me realize that if I can spot a problem in a video, that same thing can be automized with technology, making it possible for the trainee to get feedback he/she needs at the right time: when he/she is training!

The thought-process was born.

Towards the instant feedback with the AI technology

The covid situation really made me reconsider my approach to using online resources.

I found myself coaching and helping people to get better in their skills online on daily basis.

So I searched and found some brilliant “tech-guys” who started to research neural networks and machine viewing and in the Spring of 2020 we came up with the first version of Naip®.

Work continued and in August 2021 we were ready to launch the first skill learning platform,, to use have instant feedback AI fitted in the online resources!

Making every exercise count

Anyone who’s serious about getting good at any chosen skill knows the importance of repetitions. 

Ideally most of those would be under the eye of an experienced professional coach but let’s face it: 99% of us need to do most of our training without the coach present.

But with the use of the modern technology we can have the coach with us in the form of the machine everytime we train!

Let’s take advantage of it!

Threat or possibility

Definitely a possibility.

Any technology that helps me get more feedback and systemize my training is good.

We still need to do all the training work!

As the technology is there to help me, I can check the videos, do the drills, video my own performance, load it up and assess the feedback.

I can follow on my progress and react to it.

Making every training count.

No need to write down to the training diary, as I have it recorded in the system.

Remembering all those repetitions I did in front of a mirror, still a good thing, but now I can do them also on video and get the feedback instantly.

Not to find out in training that I did something wrong. Hundreds of times.

Using online and technology resources in any , including self defense and contact sports, has its’ place. I

still have to do one-on-one and one-on-several contact drills, punch and kick and generally hit something (someone) to get the timing and distances right but with the correct and efficient movement;  trajectories, motion-coordination and using my bodyweight, I’m in much better skill level than doing things without feedback and often wrong.

So faster horses or taking the next step?
It is scary but let’s be brave! Try it out!