No Rules in Self-Defense! Really? Check these three things!




This is one of most famous phrases that we hear when we discuss about self-defense. Yes sure it is true that the attacker is not playing by any rules but from our side the thing is a bit different. Let me explain.


Moral, ethical and legal boundaries

There is a drastic difference between reacting to an attack and being proactive in the situation. Being proactive means that we are the ones starting to attack. YES, there are situations where this is an absolute must to do, e.g., say a situation where you surrounded by threat-posers/attackers. 

  1. Learn effective self-defense movements. The first thing always is the ability to stop the attackers´ action. If we don't have this, all the other talk is wasted. 

  2. Train to assess the situation. The second thing is to assess the results, be ready to continue if needed and be ready to disengage. When we are training self-defense, we must add variability to the training. Sometimes one action (e.g, a punch) might be enough and then some other time the attacker will just continue, making our life harder as a defender. Once the attack is over, don't overkill. There is no need to "use bullets to the dead". This means that once the person is down and you can't justify of him/her having the next attack in mind, don't continue kicking and punching him/her. This means that the training partners need to alter their response to the defense every now and then making us learn what to observe and how to act.

  3. Learn to ration and justify your action. The third thing is to justify what we just did. We learn this by assessing our actions and the moment when we saw that the attacker was not moving anymore or was just covering themselves or so. Also, we must play a bit of games and sometimes have the training partner shout in pain, and we should just take a step back and assess the situation before starting the first aid. Sounds very harsh but, when the person gets injured, they might "tell it to you" out loud and we must not be distracted by it. 


Kravmagacoach YouTube channel

There is also a YouTube video available on the subject. 


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Train Smart!

Tommi Nystrom, 5.Dan Krav Maga
Head Coach, Krav Maga Finland, The Finnish Krav Maga Federation