Don't do slowly, do slow motion!

So what's the difference?
Think that you are walking slowly.
The steps are smaller, there is a gap between the weight shifting and it doesn't really look like walking at all.
Now walk normally and then think how it would look if you'd do that in slow motion.
Now there is tension, weight-shifting is like normally and it looks like walking!

Let's explore this in self-defense training context!

Physical self-defense is creating solutions to problems!

I have been experimenting how to learn faster self-defense and use of force for the past 30 years or so.

Recently I wrote a book, practical guide to accelerated skill acquisition in self-defense named "May the Skill be with you- how to accelerate skill acquisition in self-defense" (kindle version available at and print version ship directly from me at the moment:)). 

The key problems in self-defense skill training are that there tends to be a habit of breaking movements into parts, instead of dealing with the whole motion at once.
Think of running hurdles and break the motion into parts.
Not easy, if even possible! We should think the same in self-defense! 

Another aspect is to do the techniques slowly.
This is where we create a lot of problems because doing techniques slowly effectively kills tension from the muscles, doesn't integrate the situational psychological and physiological effects in the motion etc.
Now doing things in SLOW MOTION, is totally different!

TRY THIS (Even at home:))
  1. Pick the problem (attack) you want to train.
  2. Describe the whole problem by being a good skill accelerator ("active attacker")
  3. Use feasible constraints to accelerate learning by creating invitations
  4. Let the trainee solve the problem by self-organizing in full-speed (safety equipment!)
  5. Now let's do this in slow motion!


The movement skills need action capacity.

Action capacity is the movement skills completed to solve the problems, i.e., attacks. This is why we created the self-training platform. 

With the machine -view AI algorithm, everyone will get immediate feedback on their movement skills and this is a great tool to work those slow motion moves! 


May the skill be with you book
A practical guide to faster skill acquisition in self-defense! 
You can Order the physical book directly from team(at)
Price is 25 € (+ postage)

Skill accelerator Online course

As an addition to the book, we also created an online course with videos to help in skill acquisition training in self-defense. self-training platform


A great tool to get your movement skills intact fast is our self-training platform! Try it out for free and get skilled! 



Our approach and mission

  • Our aim is to help people train smart and better and study different approaches to personal security issues, aka self -defense techniques.
  • The shortest, the fastest and the simplest way is the best way!
  • Should the problem solving take more than three moves and not respect the psychological and physiological facts in a high -stress situation, the solution won’t fly.
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Go the channel, hit like and subscribe! 


Have fun training and see you live, online and at the platform!

Tommi Nystrom
Krav Maga 5. Dan
Head Coach, Krav Maga Finland,