Krav Maga Groin Protector -men


Size: small (waist- size 26-28 inches)

small (waist- size 26-28 inches)
medium (waist- size 28-32 inches)
Large (waist-size 34-38 inches)
XL (waist -size 40-44 inches)
Krav Maga Finland Collection Groin Protectors for men is the best protection there is should you get hit to the groin! Easy to wear, just pull over your underwear and you are protected! Metal cup, no plastic will ever last nor protect you like this! Get yours!
Additional Information

small (waist- size 26-28 inches), medium (waist- size 28-32 inches), Large (waist-size 34-38 inches), XL (waist -size 40-44 inches)

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