What Is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is an Israeli self-defense system that was developed at first for military use and since 1970’s to everyone.

Krav Maga is easy to learn as the techniques are based on our natural reactions. In kravmagacoach.com platform the teaching of the techniques is clear and simple.

How Does The AI System Work?

The ZeroPose algorithm identifies us from the video and within seconds turns our movement into a model that calculates our body measurements to give us correct understanding how did we do compared to the reference move.

What Does It Mean I Get 70% Of The Technique?

It means that you are almost there! Any score above 85 is considered near perfection. To gain 100% is virtually impossible but we’ll keep on trying! Constant High 80-90% is practically a message that you have the understanding and know-how to perform the technique. Now it is time to stress yourself and try again!

What Are The Benefits Of Training With kravmagacoach.com?

In two words: certainty and feedback. You know that you’re not training things wrong and helps you to develop yourself further on. Krav Maga Coach also gives you the ability to systemize your training and follow-up on your performance in longer term.

What if I Have Trained Krav Maga Before But The Techniques Are Different?

It is true that there are small differences in various styles of Krav Maga. What we have learned during the past 25 years is that punch is still a punch, kick is still a kick and so on. Try it out and we’re sure that you won’t find this an issue. Looking things from different perspective enriches your training!

If I Have Never Trained In Self-Defence, How Can I Start?

Krav Maga Coach is an easy platform to start your journey in self-defense. Right now, we have divided the platform by subjects i.e., kicks, punches, defenses, releases etc. so you can train these by category or go from one category to another. As we are actively developing the platform and creating more content, please let us know what you’d like to have as lessons or so and we’ll create that for you!

Who Are The Coaches Of kravmagacoach.com

Our coaching team consists of krav maga experts from Finland, Israel and other parts of the world. The head coach of kravmagacoach.com is Tommi Nystrom. Tommi has over 30 years of coaching and teaching experience and is specialized in teaching skills. You can read his bio in the page here.

What If I Need Assistance In My Training?

Just contact our team either via kravmagacoach.com platform or directly via email to via the contact form and we’ll help you out. If you require special assistance, let’s set up a zoom call and we’ll get you on the track.