10x your learning

Thank you for coming in!, Let’s talk about training a bit

All great fighters can tell you that training with a partner or group is just a tip of an iceberg on the road of getting good!

You must do a lot of work on your own!

Shadow boxing, learning the movements, punching, kicking, releases from holds and chokes etc. Getting those movements patterned in your brain.


That is the key reason I got to thinking about using modern technology to assist us!

I used to train in front of a mirror.

Countless hours and repetitions.

I got really good at wrong things!

What went wrong?

I didn’t get the instant feedback to correct myself! I thought I was doing great!
Then we moved on to sending videos. We’ll the feedback wasn’t there then. My coaches responded when they had the time.

Wouldn’t it be great to get the feedback instantly!?

That is what we have here now!

It doesn’t matter what your combatives style is, a punch is a punch, kick is a kick!

Kravmagacoach makes your self-training 10x more effective with the instant feedback!

Not only does it give you some numbers, hey it’s always nice to play a game, but it helps you to learn how to read the movement!

You will also find numerous self-training exercises and the use of simple equipment to get you going!

And of course, YOU HAVE ME AND MY TEAM OF EXPERTS to help you out constantly!

Now, book a free 30-minute session with me and then start your 7-day free trial!

Or if you want to go full ahead, just start your free trial now and let’s talk while you’re at it!

To help you get the grasp of self-defense situations even faster, you will also get an instant access to the Street Smart Personal Protection online course (value 199 €) and our Skill Accelerator Online training course (Value 199 €).

Take your training to next level and become one of the trailblazers!

“If I had asked my customers what they want, they would have said a faster horse” – Henry Ford