The Purpose

I wrote this e-book because my passion is to help people learn fast. Faster than ever before. The last 30 + years I have spent learning and teaching different martial arts, combat sports, use of force for security professionals, close-quarter-combat for military operators and self-defense as a life-hack for people from 2 years of age and up. Differences in learning? Yes, we all have our own mixture of understanding and picking skills up, but no matter what the context is, we are still human beings. What I’ve found out in the past 30+ years is that in self-defense and martial arts in general, we’re not using the best possible learning/teaching methods. In this book I will give the tools to 10x your skill-learning and move on to really challenge yourself and not to stay in cognitive-associative, technique-driven stage, but move on to solving the actual problems.

The Content of the Book

In this book, I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to make your self- defense training (at least) 10 times faster than any traditional training method. The best part is that you can do it by yourself, with a training partner and best of course, if you are teaching others. We all learn at different pace and somewhat take advantages of different senses; some of us need more kinetic approach, learning by doing when some take it in by seeing and some by hearing. Of course, the usual pathway is a combination of all different elements. We will go through the pitfalls of the main-stream linear pedagogy compared to the non-linear, constraint-led approach and how to use that to accelerate your learning in self-defense!