Krav Maga Online

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The platform consists of all areas of self-defense.

You will learn how to deliver punches and kicks as well as how to counter them by using the key principles of krav maga:

fastest way is the best way, closest weapon, is the best weapon.

If you want to excel in self-defense, this is the platform that will help you do that! Not just looking at videos but to play the game, get instant feed – back from the AI Coach and have the direct access to world-class teachers of Krav Maga.

The service is the “Netflix of self- defense”. With the same price you will also have access to monthly online zoom training with the best talents in the krav maga society.

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Krav Maga Online is a unique training platform for anyone who wants to enhance one’s abilities to learn self – defense fast.

Krav Maga Online is just not a video platform but training is enhanced with AI -based learning. Simply just check the technique, train it and upload your performance video for instant feedback! Sounds incredible? It is! Try it out!

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