Self-defense crash course

Would you like to learn a new skill in no time?
Improve your safety • No prior Experiance needed • Learning made easy
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Would like to learn a new skill in no time?

You have come to the right place, our training platform offers just that: learning made easy and fun!

-> We are passionate about making learning self-defence more accessible to everybody!

-> So join our growing community of learners!

We are so confident that you will like our platform, that we offer a money back guarantee! Try it now, you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

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59 €


–        How to use your hands in self -defense
–        How to use your legs in self -defense
–        Natural Responses in Krav Maga
–        Skill- Training in self-defense
–        Hit where it hurts
–        Slip and front hand punch
–        Slip and back hand punch
–        Slip and Front Kick
–        Straight Punch left hand
–        Straight punch right hand
–        upper Cut punch
–        Hammer punch forward
–        Elbow punch to head front
–        Elbow sideways and back horizontal
–        Knee kick
–        Front Kick (attacking)
–        Back Kick
–        Introduction to hand defenses
–        2 hand front defense high
–        2 hand front defense low
–        Inside defense head level with counterattack
–        360 head level moving out and counter attacking
–        360 waist level moving out and counter attacking
–        360 simultaneous counterattacks
–        General info about hand releases
–        Release from wrist hold front your hands ready
–        Release from hand grab from side
–        Front choke
–        Side choke, attacker pushing you
–        Side Choke attacker Pulling you

Get good at the right thing!

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