Self-Defence Crash Course


This is what everyone needs to know about self-defense

Over 50 tutorial videos from personal safety tactics to how to perform realistic and effective defenses.

Type: Crash Course

Crash Course
  • How to use your hands in self-defense
  • How to use your legs in self-defense
  • Natural Responses in Krav Maga
  • Skill- Training in self-defense
  • Hit where it hurts
  • Slip and front hand punch
  • Slip and back hand punch
  • Slip and Front Kick
  • Straight Punch left hand
  • Straight punch right hand
  • Upper Cut punch
  • Hammer punch forward
  • Elbow punch to head front
  • Elbow sideways and back horizontal
  • Knee kick
  • Front Kick (attacking)
  • Back Kick – Introduction to hand defenses
  • 2 hand front defense high
  • 2 hand front defense low
  • Inside defense head level with a counterattack
  • 360 head level moving out and counter-attacking
  • 360 waist level moving out and counter-attacking
  • 360 simultaneous counterattacks
  • General info about hand releases
  • Release from a wrist hold front your hands ready
  • Release from a hand grab from the side
  • Front choke
  • Side choke, attacker pushing you
  • Side Choke attacker Pulling you

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