Online MASTERCLASS Subscription - Gift Card


Join the group of great people and start your journey to become extremely good at perception action coupling in self-defense.


Our Masterclass program is a hybrid of live-on-site and /or live-online training added by doing programmed exercises on your own with our one-of-a-kind self-training platform powered by MovAI.

We’re meeting Saturdays at 3 p.m (EET) for our online sessions and all sessions are recorded, so you won’t be missing anything, if something comes in your way.

You will also get full access to all our Skill Accelerator and Krav Maga Coach training libraries as well as direct connection to our head coach, Tommi should you need any assistance.

Checkout some of our user cases and book yourself a free session with us!

For the four -week price of 99 €(VAT 0) you will get:

  • Biweekly online sessions
  • All lesson recordings to go through afterwards
  • 25 % reduced price on all events (book through us!)
  • #1 Self-training tool,, powered by MovAI (Regular price 89€/month)
  • Full Access to Skill Accelerator training video library (Regular price 79 €)
  • May the Skill be With You -how to accelerate skill acquisition in self-defense eBook

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