How would you like to learn effective self-defense with instant feedback in the comfort of your own home?

How would you feel with extra confidence, increased stamina, and tighter muscles?

No more online courses without feedback! Learning practical self – defense has never been this easy!

With you can repeat the techniques as many times as you want, in your own pace and rhythm and get the feedback from the AI coach!

The platform consists of all areas of self-defense.

Come and check this out:

Learn how to get out of the line of fire and stop the attacker once and for all!

Learn how to make your striking, kicking and punching count!

Make your hand defenses feel like attacker’s limbs are falling apart!

Learn how to get out of holds and grabs and disable the attacker from trying again!

Learn to defend yourself on the ground and effectively get up and keep going!

Firearm threats, knives, hammers, axes, you won’t lose your sleep over these because the system is so simple!

What if you could have a coach with you all the time?

Time and place come irrelevant if you can have the coach with you all the time. With you can have your self-defense coach with you all the time! Whether it’s your coffee break at the office or start of the morning on the road. Take one technique, check the tutorial, set your phone, shoot the video and again one more training done! 10-15 minutes a day! The coach is in your pocket!

The best part… you DON’T need:

This is what you will get

OVER 130 AI Supported techniques

Over 200 tutorial and training videos in total and counting!

All areas of self - defense covered

to get the best results even if you are training on your own

AI technology to give you instant feedback on your own performance
Tested Curriculum
Easy to learn techniques that work in real-life situations!

What to expect

After 10 times of training with you will:
  1. See the world differently: From personal safety point of view
  2. Feeling good about yourself as your performance is developing fast!
  3. Intrigued and motivated to train more!
  4. Be in better shape and relaxed!
  5. Faster Reflexes For Sports, Driving Or Crossing The Street
  6. Self Defense Skills So You Can Protect Yourself And Anyone You Care About
  7. Better Hand/Eye Coordination For Exercise & Work
  8. Reduced Stress So You Can Feel Calm & Peaceful
  9. More Confidence To Overcome Challenges In Life
  10. A Healthier Heart For Lower Blood Pressure & Other Health Problems
  11. What I’m trying to say… Krav Maga can enhance your life in so many ways



Tommi Nystrom

4. Dan Krav Maga

About the head coach Tommi!

Tommi Nystrom, 4. Dan Krav Maga, has over 30 years of experience from self-defense, use of force and hand-to-hand combat as well as from teaching and helping people to learn fast. During the years he has developed new training methods such as “AA – Active Attacker”, “M&F – move & fire” etc. to help to understand the how to train better and cope with life threatening situations and use the natural reactions as weapons regardless of the situation. As a professionally qualified teacher and coach, licensed use of force instructor and former Finnish Defence Forces warrant officer, he can get you from 0 to optimal in a very fast pace.

Why kravmagacoach online works?

From the head coach of

“Learning self -defense is a about learning a “life-hack”. Everyone needs to know it!

To learn quickly, you must understand the concepts quickly. If you focus on single techniques, you will be lost. The Key concept in self-defense is behavior under stress and how to apply that behavior in self-defense situation. That’s what krav maga is all about. It is a learning method. Once you understand the behavior, techniques and moves are easy to build on this.

But you still need coaches to direct you to get to the top fast. Now the coach is in your smartphone, the AI Coach of Use it!”

– Coach Tommi, Head Coach of

Kick is kick, punch is punch, slip is slip – no matter what your art is, take advantage of the!

Don’t be fooled by name, in all self -defense methods share the same ground: a kick is a kick, a punch is a punch, a slip is a slip and so on! Your body is a weapon, and the AI coach will help you to fine-tune it!


Over 200 videos
Over 200 exclusive videos and classes of self -defense situations with clear explanations and tutorials and counting!
(Comparing to normal classes 10€/class,
value of 2.000€!)
Faster learning curve

with instant feedback compares to private coaching! (Compare it to Once a week for a year with private coach 52*80€= value of 4.160€!)

Private coaching
On the right track from the first lesson with personal feedback

(value unpriceable!!)

Should you be ambushed
the real surprise will be with the attacker!

(value unpriceable!!)

All together value of over 6.000€ for just 38cents a day!


Our Packages

Training with is easy, motivating and with the instant feedback from the AI coach you’ll know that you will stay on track!

Whether you want to train by yourself or have your friends with you to share the cost. Just do it! Grab this deal now! Challenge your friends to a friendly competition: Who will score more points?

Take the annual package 139€ (11,58€/month) LIMITED TIME OFFER ONLY!

Or start easy with 19€/month package.

(incl. VAT 24%)

We offer a 14 day trial for you to explore the platform and to make sure, that you are happy with what you are getting.

What we have here is something you can’t find anywhere else:
  • Straight forward self -defense techniques of krav maga explained and opened clearly.
  • Then the AI Coach to help you get really good at that!
  • Monthly community Zoom training session for training together and sharing ideas!

Now limited offer

The platform consists of all areas of self-defense.
11,58 /month (billed annually)
(incl. VAT 24%)
  • 14 Day free trial!
  • OVER 130 AI Supported techniques
  • Instant feedback
  • Direct Contact to top coaches
  • Monthly online training sessions
  • Training tips


Krav Maga is an Israeli self-defense system that was developed at first for military use and since 1970’s to everyone.

Krav Maga is easy to learn as the techniques are based on our natural reactions. In platform the teaching of the techniques is clear and simple.

The ZeroPose algorithm identifies us from the video and within seconds turns our movement into a model that calculates our body measurements to give us correct understanding how did we do compared to the reference move.

It means that you are almost there! Any score above 85 is considered near perfection. To gain 100% is virtually impossible but we’ll keep on trying! Constant High 80-90% is practically a message that you have the understanding and know-how to perform the technique. Now it is time to stress yourself and try again!

In two words: certainty and feedback. You know that you’re not training things wrong and helps you to develop yourself further on. KMC also gives you the ability to systemize your training and follow-up on your performance in longer term.

It is true that there are small differences in various styles of krav maga. What we have learned during the past 25 years is that punch is still a punch, kick is still a kick and so on. Try it out and we’re sure that you won’t find this an issue. Looking things from different perspective enriches your training!

KMC is an easy platform to start your journey in self-defense. Right now, we have divided the platform by subjects i.e., kicks, punches, defenses, releases etc. so you can train these by category or go from one category to another. As we are actively developing the platform and creating more content, please let us know what you’d like to have as lessons or so and we’ll create that for you!

Our coaching team consists of krav maga experts from Finland, Israel and other parts of the world. The head coach of is Tommi Nystrom. Tommi has over 30 years of coaching and teaching experience and is specialized in teaching skills. You can read his bio in the page.

Just contact our team either via platform or directly via email to team(at) and we’ll help you out. If you require special assistance, let’s set up a zoom call and we’ll get you on the track.

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