is the most sophisticated training and learning platform powered by NAIP Tech(TM) cutting-edge neural network AI.

With over 130 AI supported techniques and over 200 tutorial and training videos and counting, you can have the training experience like never before!

Simply just check the technique, train it and upload your performance video for instant feedback and follow your own progress! Sounds incredible? It is! Try it out!

The platform consists of all areas of self-defense.

You will learn how to deliver punches and kicks as well as how to counter them by using the key principles of krav maga:
  1. Take action as soon as you can!
  2. Fastest way is the best way!
  3. Closest weapon is the best weapon!

If you want to excel in self-defense, this is the platform that will help you do that! You will not just look at tutorials, but you will be able to test your new skills with our game and get instant feedback from the AI Coach, to improve your technique in a fun but insightful way.

With the same price you will also have access to monthly online zoom training sessions with the best talents in the krav maga society.

What if you could have a coach with you all the time?

Time and place come irrelevant if you can have the coach with you all the time. With you can have your self-defense coach with you all the time! Whether it’s your coffee break at the office or start of the morning on the road. Take one technique, check the tutorial, set your phone, shoot the video and again one more training done! 10-15 minutes a day! The coach is in your pocket!
OVER 130 AI Supported techniques

techniques to train on, Over 200 tutorial and training videos in total and counting!

Training tips

to get the best results even if you are training on your own


on your personal development with a game-like dashboard

Direct Contact to top coaches of krav maga

To help you excel in self defense

Monthly online training sessions

sessions with the world-class krav maga coaches



Tommi Nystrom

4. Dan Krav Maga

About the head coach Tommi!

Tommi Nystrom, 4. Dan Krav Maga, has over 30 years of experience from self-defense, use of force and hand-to-hand combat as well as from teaching and helping people to learn fast. During the years he has developed new training methods such as “AA – Active Attacker”, “M&F – move & fire” etc. to help to understand the how to train better and cope with life threatening situations and use the natural reactions as weapons regardless of the situation. As a professionally qualified teacher and coach, licensed use of force instructor and former Finnish Defence Forces warrant officer, he can get you from 0 to optimal in a very fast pace.

Why kravmagacoach online works?

From the head coach of

“Learning self -defense is a about learning a “life-hack”. Everyone needs to know it!

To learn quickly, you must understand the concepts quickly. If you focus on single techniques, you will be lost. The Key concept in self-defense is behavior under stress and how to apply that behavior in self-defense situation. That’s what krav maga is all about. It is a learning method. Once you understand the behavior, techniques and moves are easy to build on this.

But you still need coaches to direct you to get to the top fast. Now the coach is in your smartphone, the AI Coach of Use it!”

– Coach Tommi, Head Coach of

Kick is kick, punch is punch, slip is slip – no matter what your art is, take advantage of the!

Don’t be fooled by name, in all self -defense methods share the same ground: a kick is a kick, a punch is a punch, a slip is a slip and so on! Your body is a weapon, and the AI coach will help you to fine-tune it!


Private coaching

Private coaching with instant feedback
(Value 5.000€)

Tested Curriculum

Simplifying the complex, your performance coming together! (Value 1.500€)

Over 130 tutorials

Over 130 self -defense situations with clear explanations and tutorials
(Value 1.300€)

Over 200 videos

Over 200 videos
and counting!
(Value 1.000€)

All together value of over 10.000€ for just 38cents a day!


Our Packages

Training with is easy, motivating and with the instant feedback from the AI coach you’ll know that you will stay on track!

Whether you want to train by yourself or have your friends with you to share the cost. Just do it! Grab this deal now! Challenge your friends to a friendly competition: Who will score more points?

Take the annual package 139€ (11,58€/month) LIMITED TIME OFFER ONLY!

Or start easy with 19€/month package.

(incl. VAT 24%)

We offer a 14 day trial for you to explore the platform and to make sure, that you are happy with what you are getting.

What we have here is something you can’t find anywhere else:
  • Straight forward self -defense techniques of krav maga explained and opened clearly.
  • Then the AI Coach to help you get really good at that!
  • Monthly community Zoom training session for training together and sharing ideas!

Now limited offer

The platform consists of all areas of self-defense.
11,58 /month (billed annually)
(incl. VAT 24%)
  • 14 Day free trial!
  • OVER 130 AI Supported techniques
  • Instant feedback
  • Direct Contact to top coaches
  • Monthly online training sessions
  • Training tips

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