Online resources in Self Defense Training- Threat or Possibility?

using technology in self defense training

Faster horses or new technology? In this blog I share my thoughts about using online resources added with instant feedback and neural network AI. If you want to learn more, just visit and start learning a new life-hack, self defense😎. If you’d like to upgrade your coaching or training, email or whatsapp me and I’ll help you get started!

Resistance Training and Sparring in Self-Defense

Resistance Training in Self Defense

Sparring is elemental part of any self-defense training. It divides opinions both in form and methodology. Sparring or resistance training in general might be scary and usually it is. This might make it unpleasant and that’s why some leave it be. This doesn’t need to be so. In this blog, I will discuss the resistance…

New era of skills coaching – getting good at the right thing

Learning is the most empowering thing there is. The look in the person’s eyes when he/she “gets it” is something that not only empowers them to train more and get better but also gives something very special to the ones teaching and coaching them on that subject. In the everyday work of all the coaches…